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5 Reasons You Should Certify Your Technicians


The CMRT Exam is the leading credentialing program for the knowledge, skills and abilities of maintenance and reliability technicians. 

The CMRT exam tests competency and knowledge of specific tasks within 4 domains: Maintenance Practices, Preventative and Predictive Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Analysis, and Corrective Maintenance.

And that's all well and good! But, why should you have your technicians certified? What are the benefits of having them pass the CMRT? Here are 5 reasons why you should have your technicians certified:

  1. Validates the individual’s knowledge on maintenance and reliability best practices within the 4 domains.

  2. Confirms your commitment to advancing your team’s professional development.

  3. A globally recognized certification provides a personal level of satisfaction and pride of accomplishment.

  4. Encourages people to move beyond the status quo and achieve more for the organization.

  5. Determines strengths and opportunities by subject area to provide a development plan road-map.

Join us at our UTK-RMC hosted class in Knoxville Sept 17-19, 2024.

To assist you with certifying your technicians, we offer a 3 day Maintenance and Reliability Technician Core Concepts Course that provides Maintenance and Reliability Technicians a comprehensive overview of 20+ focus areas.

Not only do attendees benefit from the knowledge and skills gained in the course, they also gain a globally recognized CMRT certification when passing the optional CMRT exam. When coupled with the output from the optional CMRT exam, an organization is able to build individual development plans for workforce development.

Our Maintenance and Reliability Core Concepts Course coupled with the optional CMRT exam is a holistic approach to developing your people.  By leveraging the exam results, you can create individual development plans for training and coaching.
Have you had your technicians certified? How has it improved your overall maintenance program? Or, do you still have more questions about the CMRT exam and its benefits? Leave your comments and questions below!
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