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Jerry Simpson

Jerry Simpson

Jerry Simpson, CMRP, RCM2 /RCM3 Practitioner is a Senior Consultant for People and Processes Inc. specializing in • Facilitating, Training and Coaching & Mentoring efforts around Best Practices in Leadership and Supervision, Maintenance and Reliability, Planning and Scheduling and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM2 and RCM3).

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Maintenance Job Plans-Why Standardize?

As many of us who have been a part of a maintenance organization realize, the function of the Planner is usually one in which we expect to get a lot of return for our investment.

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Coaching for Competency

How to Answer KSA Questions -

How can you turn your maintenance planners into the foundational building blocks of a world class Maintenance organization?

During various maintenance process improvement initiatives that I have been a part of over the years, the role and function performed by maintenance planners and schedulers invariably surface as an integral piece to achieving best practices.

There are maintenance groups out there right now that have not yet reached into the world Of things like reliability-centered maintenance or invested in condition-based technologies, etc…but do normally have some vestige of a Planning process (for better or worse) to insure their technicians are being given the support they need to be effective.

If we were to consider that a planner may be required to plan for the activities of 15-25 while also controlling costs and supporting overall reliability initiatives, then the competencies of those individuals need to be considered.

Planners are ideally selected from the craft roles, and shown how to use the CMMS to create work orders. Those same individuals may even have been given some training in planning principles and then put to work.

Later, it is often assessed that planning is not working well. We wonder why that could be. It has been my experience that planners need to not only be selected with care and trained initially, but also coached until a desired level of competency is achieved.

An experienced practitioner can first assess your planners against best practices. On reconciling the findings, coach them in one-on-one sessions against a standardized and scored framework in subjects like:

  • Estimating
  • Job Plan building
  • Scheduling
  • Backlog g management
  • Materials management
  • Job Package creation, etc.

The goal is to develop a specified level of competency that demonstrate the planner's ability, knowledge, and skills in measurable approach.

Coaching is an investment in this integral role and can be conducted in short sessions either in person, or virtually, until competency is achieved.

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Planner Competencies

Maintenance Planners, who are tasked with improving the efficiency of the Technicians working time, are often placed in the role without the benefit of formal training and coaching.

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When can a metal fastener become “plastic”?

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Is Maintenance Planning instinctive?


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5 Reasons You Should Certify Your Technicians


The CMRT Exam is the leading credentialing program for the knowledge, skills and abilities of maintenance and reliability technicians. 

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