Focus on Reliability

Advancing the Crafts

For many organizations, finding qualified maintenance technicians is a real challenge. While not a new problem, it is becoming much more pronounced depending on their level of pay and geographical location. More companies are looking internally with the intent of developing their own workforce to take on new responsibilities.

 To that end, in partnership with SMRP as an Approved Training Provider, we have developed a three day technician level course that culminates in our proctoring of the Certified Maintenance and Reliability Technician (CMRT) certification for those desiring to sit for the exam. We titled the training course “Maintenance and Reliability Core Concepts.” The delivery of the course is scheduled in April at the University of Tennessee – Reliability and Maintainability Center.

 The intent of the training course is to refresh the maintenance technicians on the core concepts of Maintenance and Reliability along with specific skill areas. Regardless of pass or fail, a benefit of taking the exam is the examinees receive a ranking strength for 20+ knowledge and skill areas.

 Training organizations can utilize the ranking to create individual development plans of each of their craft employees. These development plans can be used to set learning objectives as well as facilitate training schedules across multiple shifts and crafts. The focus areas and scoring can also be used in apprenticeship programs.

 Needless to say, passing the exam demonstrates the knowledge and skills in those areas with an internationally recognized certification.


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