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Twenty Thoughts on Maintenance Planner Scheduler Tasks

The Maintenance Planning and Scheduling function has four basic objectives:

  1. To provide the right information for the technician to more easily to perform the job
  2. Have identified the right parts and materials, having them staged and kitted
  3. Interface with the Operations partner to ensure the equipment is available for Maintenance at the specified time.
  4. To ensure the right priority Maintenance work is accomplished based on business needs
In the end, the function is all about doing the right work while addressing avoidable delays i.e. driving technician wrench time up.  To do this, there are a number of tasks that the Planner Scheduler performs.

  1. Avoids getting involved with this week’s emergency work as planning must be focused on the future
  2. Reviews work orders requiring planning to understand the requested work
  3. Evaluates and understands planned work priorities
  4. Job scoping/ research – spends 1/3 of the day in the field
  5. Prepares job plans based on level of detail required
  6. Maintains a job plan library for reuse
  7. Identifies and requisitions/ reserves parts and materials
  8. Prepares the job package
  9. Interfaces with the Operations group to validate work priority and equipment availability
  10. Collaborates with Maintenance Supervisors on next week’s available labor hours to build the weekly schedule from.
  11. Develops the next week’s maintenance schedule based on priority
  12. Provides a level of coordination in the planning and scheduling phases, not during the execution of the work which the responsibility of maintenance supervision
  13. Leads the weekly maintenance scheduling meeting
  14. Ensures the preventive maintenance program is scheduled and work-leveled
  15. Maintains the asset hierarchy if so required
  16. Develops and improving the asset bill of materials
  17. Reports on the Key performance indicators (KPI) if required
  18. Performs other administration tasks of the CMMS/ EAM if required
  19. Reviews completed job feedback to improve job plan content and estimates
  20.  Integrates key words on work order closure to assist the data mining for reliability engineering purposes

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Are these tasks what you expect for the Maintenance Planner Scheduler?  Would you take any away and why? What others would you add and why?
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