Focus on Reliability

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Another guest post from Trent Phillips.

Ever struggle with getting people to understand concepts relative to the Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices as examples?

While everyone is busy, people as a rule have a thirst for knowledge.  Here's an idea that is common sense but not so common. Remember the book clubs that you have subscribed to over the years?

Why not take that same idea and start something similar at your plant or even within your department. Create a book club where you share knowledge. Invite department managers from procurement, maintenance, engineering, operations and senior management.  This could be a good way to help everyone grow and become more aware of better reliability, maintenance or management practices. 

Not to mention, you can discuss the ways reliability can be implemented in your facility to help manage equipment maintenance, risks, costs and improve profit for stake holders.  You could even meet for lunch once a week or some other interval.  This will encourage group learning and bonding.

Do you think it's possible? What would prevent you from doing this within your organization?  Please leave your comments below.  Also share any additional ideas for learning as well below.

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