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Maintenance Job Plans-Why Standardize?

As many of us who have been a part of a maintenance organization realize, the function of the Planner is usually one in which we expect to get a lot of return for our investment.

We expect the plans they create to reflect the most efficient and safest way of performing a maintenance task, while at the same time insuring, from a reliability perspective, that we do not introduce infant mortality by doing the task wrong.

Another element often overlooked is that Technician skills and experience can vary greatly, and thus similar tasks often have a wide latitude of reported time charged to them if the work is not clearly defined.

But do all planners look at a task the same way? A number of factors may change the way the plan is written which can include, for example, the experience of the Planner with the particular task.

What are the elements of a maintenance job that are often not included in the plan and thus cause work to stop or be delayed?

These include:

  • Instructions
  • Parts list
  • Safety considerations
  • Prints, Drawings, Manuals, etc…

The reality of maintenance is that a lot of jobs we do are repeated multiple times over the years and some facilities “replan” the event every time. As a result, this leads to a lot of mistakes and wasted execution time.

Because the elements which need to be included in a job plan should be useful to the Technician, it becomes necessary to use some standard job plan templates. This will insure nothing is left out and it is written so the Technicians can perform the task correctly.

An added benefit is that Technicians begin to see the job plans as being more consistent and “recognize” the work as being more professional.

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