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Planner Competencies

Maintenance Planners, who are tasked with improving the efficiency of the Technicians working time, are often placed in the role without the benefit of formal training and coaching.

Planners are usually selected on the basis of specific technical knowledge they possess as to how perform maintenance jobs. That skill set, while critical to success, does not insure the Planner can thus transfer the knowledge to the Technicians effectively and efficiently.

Often the Planners feel a sense of frustration that their concepts on how to perform a maintenance task are not being absorbed by the Technicians.

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The following reasons are usually found during an assessment of the function:

  • Planner Training: Planners are often given little to no formal training on the techniques they need to master in order to plan to a level of detail for the different levels of ability of the technicians.
  • Planner competencies and coaching: We sometimes give Planners a brief class on Planning and then expect the resulting miracles to take place. Planning can be likened to an apprenticeship of sorts in that the skills need to be coached and competencies assessed through a formal, measurable process.
  • Measuring performance: The Role of the Planner can, and should, be measured for quality and improvements to process and person. Often Planners have been in the role for a long time but actually under-performing relative to best practices. There must be a standardized set of measures to ensure growth.

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