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Jeff Shiver is a Maintenance and Reliability professionalFirst, let me take a moment to introduce myself.  I'm Jeff Shiver, a Certified Maintenance and Reliability professional who was a practitioner for many years prior to moving over  to People and Processes, Inc. I really enjoy the people aspect of things as well.


In my capacity at People and Processes, I have been fortunate to develop many of our Maintenance Planning and Scheduling course items, along with facilitating the courses and providing coaching to a number of Maintenance Planning and Scheduling professionals globally.  Through my travels, I have had the privilege of  getting to know most of the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling book authors, not to mention working side by side with some of them to deliver workshops and courses.  I actually find there is no one best way to perform Maintenance Planning and Scheduling as it depends on the individual organization and culture.  There are a number of methods and sometimes, a hybrid solution becomes the best fit for success.

On the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling blog (here), the goal is to provide you a wealth of information and resources focused specifically on Maintenance Planning and Scheduling.  We hope to cover not just the foundational items, but also some of the more advanced topics to include Shutdowns and Turnarounds as an example.

So all of that said, let's get started and have some fun.  I encourage you to provide feedback and comments on the articles.  Feel free to engage in discussions, both here and on LinkedIn as an example.  It's how we all learn and improve.  After all, isn't a "continuous improvement loop" something we should have in the Maintenance Planning and Scheduling process anyway.

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Topics: Planning and Scheduling Advanced CMMS/ EAM Systems Shutdowns and Turnarounds